Mousami Lal

"My mother has passed on a secret legacy; she added every ingredient with a great thought and passion for food. Today it is my obligation to preserve this legacy and share it with you."

My lifelong appreciation for food began at a young age. I was born and raised in Mumbai, India where growing up in the traditional Indian family, where food was the common ingredient that brought family and friends together for all occasions. Helping my mom prepare big feasts helped me discover my secret love for cooking. I was inspired by my mother, grandmother, my faith, cultural background and also the never-ending food experiment that is where my love and passion for food began and what I want to deliver to the table for others to share.

Anita Nagin

"Now is the time to take on this project and follow my heart by giving to those in need and at the same time following my passion and utilizing my talent."

When comfort is needed, I know which food is best to serve people to make them happy. This is only the beginning extent of pleasure that comes across me as I reflect on my life-long passion for cooking and helping others. The same passion that historically has been realized only in my dreams has now materialized into a reality, one that of which I can extend to the world. I find joy in making others happy, especially through food.

At an early age of 9, I began helping my mother and father cook for our family. It started with learning how to make round faultless and the softest roti’s, which expanded into my unleashed desire to cook. I would see the fresh crabs, shrimp, prawns, fish brought to our doorstep by salesmen in the Fiji Islands where I was born. My mother would purchase these ingredients and cook the freshest, most aromatically pleasing foods. Not only did my mother cook delicious food, but she shared it as well. She would always circulate her food to people on our streets with a warm heart, big smile and most importantly, for free. As she was my role model, I quickly began following her footsteps. I started cooking for the communities in Fiji before I decided to then extend to festivals primarily those held to raise funds for various volunteer projects and programs assisting those in need. This is primarily what has driven me to fulfill a promise within myself and to continue to help those in need. These two passions have been the driving force in my life for many years. For the future, I envision that I will raise money from this catering company purely to help those that are unfortunate with a focus on children that cannot afford education and while concurrently providing quality food products and services to people around me. I want to put emphasis on quality by using ingredients that help sustain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

I have been a successful small business owner/entrepreneur for over 20 years working hand in hand with my significant other in the hospitality industry. Now is the time to take on this project and follow my heart by giving to those in need and at the same time following my passion and utilizing my talent.

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